One of the main concerns we have when it comes to installing any version of Windows is on the protection and security that it provides for our information; unfortunately, the large number of viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware and a few others come to make our PC its focus, if we don't  have a good tool protection installed. Advantageously Microsoft Windows 8 comes with its own native tool for such cases.

Windows Defender is the protection system with which we can now count on Microsoft Windows 8, the same that even already implemented it in Windows 7, providing excellent results for those who do not have a preferred application regarding such protections. With the new version presented by Microsoft regarding the large operating system, began to raise questions as to its compatibility with the software you can install on your computer. As for security, several firms have already manifested themselves as compatible with Windows 8 and can be used with small points to consider.

Compatibility offered by Microsoft Windows 8

The compatibility of each of these applications in the protection of information of our PC comes from the same hand of Microsoft, who has dedicated a small space on its website for all users of Microsoft Windows 8 can choose that tool with which they identify or with which they have worked for a long time; in this order it may be mentioned the anti-malware offered by Norton, McAfee, Panda, Trend Micro, BullGuard, Kaspersky, and F-Secure. They are Microsoft certified tools, a reason why we should have confidence in them when trying to install our operating system.


Since Windows Defender comes by default for the protection of information in the operating system, any tools you get to choose to strengthen security in Microsoft Windows 8 will temporarily disable the above, which is due mainly to prevent there are a version mismatch and stability problems later on Windows 8. You can only install an anti-malware at once, something that is usually done in any version of operating system with which we worked. From the same Microsoft page, you can make the selection of the tool that is your preference since each meets the respective link to its official website with the respective explanation compatibility with Windows 8.