At present, 75 million devices worldwide use The OS Windows 10 which was developed by Microsoft, but 30 years ago, when the first version was launched, just a few trusted that would be successful or that it could compete with the Apple software.

Although it was announced in 1983, Bill Gates and his team took two years to have ready Microsoft Windows 1.0, so many experts rated it as a project scarcely credible.

Fortunately, Technology proved them wrong and officially launched on November 20, 1985, managed to sell 500 thousand units in the next two years.


From then, they have developed 10 versions, some loved and others not so much by users who, whom have made it the most used operating system in the world and have high expectations.


Version 1.0

Something that little has been said is that the first name used in business to refer to this software was "Interface Manager". However, they decided to change it to Microsoft Windows because it best describes the way it works.

This is because the first version was actually an interface that allowed open windows or boxes using MS-DOS commands, the first operating system from Microsoft.

Unlike today, it is possible to download from the network the operating system, in 1985 the software was stored on two double-sided floppy disks and required a minimal storage on the machine of 256 kilobytes.

The first programs

When the first version was released, Gates and his team launched knew it was necessary to add some programs, and those that were available were Paint, Windows Writer, Notepad, calculator, a calendar file and watch.

In terms of entertainment, the only game available was called Reversi, also known as Othello, which was for two players and it won who had more dates on the board. Over the years, others came others as the classic Minesweeper, Solitaire, Chess or Pinball.

The start button

This button is essential for people to find the application you are looking for, and first appeared in Windows was with the 1995 version, to which the taskbar and minimize, maximize and close each window buttons were added .

This operating system was so popular at the time that it had record sales by placing seven million copies in the first five weeks.

This was surpassed this year by Windows 10, placing 14 million units the first day, although this may be driven because it is free.


The not so dear ones

Microsoft has had to face over these three decades that not all Windows are loved by users, particularly in the case of Vista and 8.


Ordinary users and industry experts complained that Windows Vista consumes lots of RAM, had little hardware support and was expensive.

While the worst mistake could have been made in version 8 it was to eliminate the classic "start button" to which people were used. The discontent was so great that the company had to launch the 8.1 update to include it.


The history:

·1985: Windows 1.0

·1987: Windows 2.0

·1990: Windows 3.0

·1993: Windows NT

·1995: Windows 95

·1998: Windows 98

·2001: Windows XP

·2006: Windows Vista

·2009: Windows 7

·2012: Windows 8

·2013-2014: Windows 8.1

·2015: Windows 10